Thursday, June 26, 2008

Do it yourself -- Light Studio

My brother sent me this link to help out with my photos.
I thought it was worth sharing with the group if anyone felt crafty enough to make their own.


Friday, June 20, 2008

June Meeting Review

We had our first team meeting Wednesday and it went really great! Most of our small (but growing) group was able to show up at Rich Aroma Coffee Co. Everyone had wonderful ideas to contribute.

All of our members brought some of their work to show the group. That was really fun! I love show and tell. There was a even little shopping that went on and I know I started creating a mental wish list. EVA is a talented bunch of artisans.

At our next meeting on July 16th we are doing a themed artist exchange where every member creates 2 items to donate to the group. The theme for July's meeting is the Ocean. One of the items will go to our team shop to generate money for group activities and the second will be a gift for one of the other members to take home. We will decide who gets what "white elephant" style. It was great how we all collaborated to make this spark of an idea even better and better. What team work!

Thank you to everyone who showed up and shared ideas with the group. I can't wait for July's meeting!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Meeting Wednesday 6/18!!

Hi All -

Our meeting is 7pm on Wednesday. I announced the location in our Google group, but forgot to post here.

Here is a map to Rich Aroma Coffee Company.
I will try to be there a little early, but if by chance anyone gets there before I do, please save us the couches by the coffee table.

Don't forget to bring something you have made to show the rest of us! Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Friday, June 6, 2008

First Announcement

Easy Valley Artisans is having a team meeting. The date will be June 18th @ 7pm. Location is TBA. This is our first team meeting so much of it will be a meet and greet. I am very excited to meet the members of the team!!! We will also be discussing a few topics regarding the direction of the team, but probably won't get too serious about business on our first date. Hope to see you there. I will let you know where "there" is this weekend.