Monday, June 27, 2011

How is Everyone Handling the Heat?

It's been very hot over in our house recently, so I have not been able to torch (which is driving me nuts!).  Since torching is not an option right now, I have been trying to keep myself busy with other things, like sorting beads, organizing my findings and such, and trying to keep up with blogging, etc. (at least in the evenings when it's cool enough in the area where my computer is located.)  I have also been playing a lot of Wii games with my son during the day.  He has a window air conditioner in his tiny room and it's fairly cool in there.  It is fun to play but I am getting really tired of not "working:".  Ideas are still filling my head daily and there are so many things I want to try, want to perfect and want to experiment with.  I can't wait to get back to it!
What has everyone else been up to?  I hope everyone is staying cool!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I have completed my Dad's Cubby bead.  I think I will call him Jerry.  He turned out pretty well, even if his smile is a little like the Joker's from the old Batman cartoons!  Hee, hee!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day with their family and friends.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Special Requests?

Do you accept special requests for your art?  Time, equipment and experience permitting, I always try to.  Since I am not bogged down with constant orders, I usually have free time in which I can fit a request or 2 in.
Also, being as versatile as possible, I consider some requests to be a real challenge and helps my art develop into realms which I never thought I would go.  There are even several designs for new pendants and beads which came out of requests from family and friends and are now some of my best sellers.

Ideas can also just come from "suggestions" from customers or just chatting in general.  If something sounds interesting enough to me, I will give it a try.

Just recently, I came up with a new design by just chatting with my hubby.  I called him Jeremy, a big toothy grin with a baseball cap.  I am thinking now of doing a whole set, calling them the "J Team", naming them all with "J" names - - should be cute.  My mother also saw this bead and now I have the "challenge" of making one wearing a Cubbies cap for my Dad.  Being a life-long Chicagoan until his retirement to Arizona, he's always been a fan of the Cubs.  I now have to study their logo and figure out how to transfer that image into glass.  I hope all comes out well with it and I will post a picture of it when it's done.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What stone is that anyway?

I’ll give you a hint. They have incredible bands and patterns, come in a wide variety of beautiful colors, found all over the world, and each one is completely unique. Give up? The answer is Agate. Agates are semi-precious gemstones that form layer-by-layer within a hollow cavity of a host rock. Although any old host rock will do, most agates are formed inside lava rocks. The colors and patterns of Agate are directly influenced by environmental changes (i.e. temperature or pressure). Agates can be found in every color of the rainbow; however blues and greens are rare to find.

For thousands of years people have touted Agate for having a wide range of metaphysical properties. Some of the reported capabilities include stabilization and cleansing of the aura, prevention of insomnia, promotes positive dreams, improves concentration, memory and stamina, relieves allergies, enhances creativity, makes you more persuasive, and protects against danger. Because Agate is the birth stone for Gemini, it is said to have the most positive effect of those born into this zodiac sign.

In ancient times, Agate was used as weapons, tools, mortars and pestles, as well as carved into bowls because of its hardness. We may not use Agate to create weapons and tools these days, but they do create beautiful pins, marbles, beads, brooches, and more.

-By Guest Blogger: Bead Girl Jewelry