Thursday, July 16, 2009

July Meeting Recap

Hello all! Last night we had our July meeting. Nancy, Sarah, and I were in attendance with 2 visitors, Nikki and Renee. We are very pleased to announce that Nikki and Renee both joined as EVA members. We are excited to have these fun and creative ladies as new additions to our team. Last night Nancy and Sarah both brought new items they have been working on to share with the group. Nancy is working on some great new items. She has closed her shop and strayed from the silver. She is working in a lot in brass. Her new designs are very modern and look awesome. Her new shop will be up soon (it is up now)! Sarah has a new shop and has been working on new bathsalts, towel sets, and soaps. It looks like it would make for some very luxurious and relaxing baths. New members, Nikki and Renee, brought some items for show and tell also. Nikki showed us one of her upholstery bags, and several jewelry items. I totally have a thing for her vintage tie bracelets. And Renee has two shops. One where she makes some wonderful jewelry and another where she has these awesome coffee cup sleeves. I am so happy they came and brought cool stuff to share with the group!

Topics we discussed were the MAC Holiday arts and music festival. The event is 2 days this year December 12 and 13th. Nancy already has reserved her booth and Melanie is currently hoping to find someone in the group to share one with. You can contact me or convo Melanie if you are interested.

We also talked about pricing items, tax licenses for booths, and the chat groups and forums available on etsy. Next meeting we are hoping for a volunteer to lead us through a short tutorial on a project or how to. Let me know if you are interested.

We decided on a theme for our August exchange. Nikki came up with Hawaii as the theme for next month. I am excited to work on this one!!