Thursday, May 20, 2010

May meeting! Fun with flowers and ATCs

We had our EVA May meeting last night at Inside the Bungalow. It was a super good time.
First off I want to thank Trish for doing the guest blogging and give away for the previous month. This month Kristen will be doing the honors of posting and a giveaway item. Last night Kristen shared with us some pointers on having a successful etsy shop and critiqued a few shops as examples. Jeannie researched local artists on etsy. Jen is going to see if any of them want to visit our next meeting. Jill provided information on the book, "I'd Rather be in the Studio" by Alyson Stanfield and shared some great links. Thanks everyone for making our meeting one of the best yet. I have to extend a huge thanks to Jen for our ATC tutorial demo activity. We all had a lot of fun with that.

Final results ...I also want to welcome Marci to our group. We all really love her pearl woven bracelets. And I also want to bid farewell for now to Renee who is going to be working with her church youth group on Wednesday nights. We will miss her and hope in the future it may work out so we can have her back.

The exchange theme for May was flowers and we had a great exchange with several very unique and fun items.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We have a winner!

And the winner of the giveaway is..................

Vicky!! Congratulations Vicky! Email me your full name and address at moetricia (at) yahoo (dot) com so I can mail your necklace to you!

Thanks to everyone for entering and be sure to check back with the East Valley Artisans often, since we'll be doing another giveaway next month!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hi everyone! Only 5 days left until the winner is selected in the giveaway! Be sure to comment on the previous post to enter.
I have been really busy the past week, but as luck would have it I have also been really inspired and gotten some great new ideas. The unlucky part is, I just haven't been home to work on those ideas. This weekend should be less busy though, so I am planning on a quick trip to the store for some new wire and some crystals, and then holing up in my apartment and making stuff until my fingers hurt!
I'm going to be adding some custom bookmarks to my collection soon. I've been wanting to make some for a while but keep forgetting to grab the supplies when I go to the bead shop.
Anyway, sorry for the quick update but it is past my bedtime. Only one more day of work until my weekend, so watch for some cool new stuff really soon!