Thursday, February 18, 2010

February Meeting

Last night was our February EVA meeting at Inside the Bungalow. We further discussed many of the January topics including roles of EVA members, rules for membership, social networking and blogging. Our March meeting will be a very important meeting for EVA as we finalize a lot of the details regarding how the group operates. Jill, Jeannie, Jen and myself attended this meeting. A big thanks goes out to them for contributing so many wonderful ideas on books, marketing, craft shows, motivational speakers, etc. I love the knowledge that is obtained from sharing ideas at our meetings. It is very valuable. In addition to our talented EVA members, Peggy of Wire Wears came to the meeting as a visitor. She makes some marvelous wire jewelry and incorporates found and recycled objects into her pieces. Peggy just set up a shop on etsy. We hope to see her at additional meetings.

Here are the exchange items from February. The theme was Love.

The theme for March is Easter.

Friday, February 5, 2010

January Meeting Recap

It is amazing how much time a newborn takes up. All they do is sleep right? Then why is it that a new mom can't get breakfast, showered, dressed, baby dressed and out of the house until noon? Who knows. All I know is that I have paperwork and laundry stacking up all around me. It also is taking me a lot longer to get phone calls, emails and texts returned. Not to mention completing blog posts and updating websites. That being said ... It is almost time for the February meeting, however I thought I would go ahead and post the meeting recap from January since I am getting around to it. Of course, I was not there having had a baby a week before the meeting. But Jeannie sent me detailed information on what transpired. Four members were present for the January meeting - Kristen, Jill, Jeannie and Nancy. The focus of the meeting was Marketing and Promotion which will be an ongoing topic for EVA. Jeannie passed out information that she will also bring to the February meeting for those that missed last month, and also will have additional information. Blogging is a subject that keeps coming up with the idea of connecting in the blog world with other artists to help promote each others work. We will continue at future meetings to discuss the best way to do this. Also discussed at the January meeting were group policies, membership and meeting space. These are things that we will keep revisiting as our group grows. The theme for January was NEW BEGINNINGS. Jill, Jeannie and Nancy brought items for the exchange. The items are pictured below. Silver leaf by Nancy Reasoner, recycled can earrings by Jill Helms, and a glass bead by Jeannie Cox. Visit their etsy shops to see similar items.
The February meeting is Wednesday February 17th, 2010 at 7pm. The theme for this month's meeting is LOVE.